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Joveda Ayurvedic Cosmetiques
Joveda Ayurvedic Cosmetiques

JOVEDA Natural Ayurvedic Cosmetics

JOVEDA is a Franco-Indian range of Ayurvedic cosmetics. It has been specifically developed for the European market in partnership with the Indian laboratory JOVEES HERBAL CARE, specialized in Ayurvedic care formulation.

  • Each JOVEDA cosmetic has its specificity, each contains a specific plant extract known to Ayurveda for a specific purpose. The presence of this natural compound in combination with other natural compounds allows the skin to become and stay healthy, maintain a natural balance, and shine through the day.
  • Recognized for their efficiency, Joveda Ayurvedic cosmetics are highly valued in the world of beauty and pharmacy.
    When used, the benefits are very quickly visible and durable on the skin, which brings great loyalty to the brand itself!
  • Closer to nature, without problematic ingredients, they are highly valued cosmetics because they are authentic while being adapted to users' requirements: practical, gentle on the skin and providing real solutions for all types of skin.

Joveda has been rewarded many times by the Cosmetic Observatory for the quality and effectiveness of its care (Moisturizing Milk with Aloe Vera, Neem Purifying Cream, Firming Massage Oil with Gaulthérie)